River Rafting in Rheinschlucht

I want to start by saying thank you to my colleagues who invited and motivated me for this rafting event. I am not very adventurous when it comes to water sports and rafting is something that I had only seen on TV.  After a series of "yes", "no", "I can't do this" games I decided… Continue reading River Rafting in Rheinschlucht


Hiking from Quintin to Betlis

I came across this hike from my favorite website called Before I even start, I would ask you to go through her blog once. Tanya wrote it very much in detail. Actually this trek needs a bit of planning. Start by looking for the ferry timings and planing your hike and pit stops. This… Continue reading Hiking from Quintin to Betlis

Life Update

My experience at The Flying croissant

So I have written about The flying croissant project before here. On 16th August me and Mr. Hubby started bit early from Winterthur in order to avoid the traffic. But we were in Zürich far before than scheduled time. We waited outside the first bakery for our partner Ellie to join us. The ladies at the… Continue reading My experience at The Flying croissant


The sleepy village of Gordes_ France

This beauty definitely deserves a separate post. So the story is that we were heading to Sault in search of vast lavender fields when one curves lead us to the glimpse of Gordes villages. The picture above is the first glimpse of the town. Me and Mr. Hubby were pleasantly shocked and without any doubt… Continue reading The sleepy village of Gordes_ France