Puno and Lake Titicaca

If ever you plan your trip to Cusco you will come across a dozen of articles talking about altitude sickness. I read a lot and prepared myself but the journey from Arequipa to Puno threw everything out of the court. As we went on gaining the altitude 2500 mtrs (8200ft) to 4200mtrs (13780ft) I started… Continue reading Puno and Lake Titicaca


The white city of Peru_Arequipa

After a 12 hour long bus journey we made it to our next destination - Arequipa. The journey was tedious, I wont lie and I barely slept on the bus. The roads were horrible and it gave me back pain. Arequipa is situated at 2500 mtrs (8200ft) above sea level. This gain in elevation in… Continue reading The white city of Peru_Arequipa


Simple Red Lentil Soup_Quarantine Edition

Recently a friend of mine came up with an idea of Quarantine recipe exchange. In which you have to share your simplest, go-to recipe with others which can be made with minimum ingredients. This one is the simplest recipe that I could think off for recipe exchange. Most of the ingredients are replaceable, and you… Continue reading Simple Red Lentil Soup_Quarantine Edition